Report from Tourette Fishing.
Pierre Swartz,Tourette fishing guide at the Makhangoa Community Camp (MCC) reports:Winter is well under way and the fishing at the MCC has been nothing short of spectacular this month. Large schools of big rainbow trout have been making their way into the Bokong River and its confluence with the Katse dam below camp. It has been a record breaking season with more than a dozen fish over 10lbs landed. Many of the camp guests achieve their personal best catches, whilst a few have been treated to fish that are quite clearly one of a lifetime. Tony landed a monstrous 15lb fish, and this past weekend Michael and Gerhard from JHB each landed fish of 12lbs. Soon after Michael bought in his trout of 12lb to the net, he landed what we think may well have been an unofficial all African record, which we conservatively put at 9 – 9.5kg’s (20lb or more). There have also been a few brown trout up to 3lbs coming to hand, as well as the odd yellowfish still feeding deep. The Makhangoa Community Camp continues to provide world class fishing and we look forward to seeing how the season progresses as we break new ground on a daily basis keeping the camp open for winter.
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