Roger Gurr’s Saltwater report for Upper South Coast

Roger Gurr.
Upper South Coast

13 May

Hello Everyone,
Starting in the north, JP Bartholomew has been fishing hard and having great success with Bluefin kingfish, Grunter, Stone Bream small Cob and a Concertina fish all on fly .
Peter Lehman and I fished the Vetchies pier area on Sunday morning. I managed to catch a Blue Emperor on a Rapallo lure which was just drifting along while I was fly fishing over the reef and followed that up with a beautiful Natal Rainbow Wrasse on fly and then hooked into a strong fish which bit me off. Peter caught the reef at least six times with his fast sinking line so we moved off to fish the shark nets but the only fish there were shoals of Garfish.

Marius and I fished Durban harbour the previous Saturday morning. I was once again targeting Grunter on the centre banks but only caught Sand Gurnard . Standing perfectly still the occasional grunter came within three meters of me on several occasions and it’s quite exciting casting to Grunter as they drift along with the current and blow sand up in their feeding manner. I shall just have to tie more shrimp flies and persevere. I always enjoy the harbour because there is a lot to see, with ships coming and going, other fishing and sailing boats moving around and bird life around you. I watched three pelicans following two Darters around obviously harassing them as they hunted in an attempt to steal their catch. At times they would jump right on top of them really bullying them and when the Pelicans take off they are truly graceful birds in the air. With the tide retreating and the sandbanks getting exposed hundreds of Pigeons settle on the banks feeding on whatever they can find.
Anyone wanting to fish Durban harbour from a ski can get a permit by joining Durban paddle Ski Club. You will need the usual safety equipment and have your ski inspected but with a second hand ski and basic safety X
Fishequipment it won’t break the bank.

Not much news from further south with Shad at Winkelspruit and a few Natal Snoek and Garrick coming out on live baits.
Stan Stanton and his son Mark fished the Impenjati River again, both of them catching some nice fish. Stan landing a 41cm Rock Salmon and a 35cm Kingfish .
Peter Lehman spent a few days at Giants Cup in the southern Drakensberg and caught a number of rainbow trout up to about 1,5kgs
Finally last Saturday some of the guys from our group “Fly Flickers Anonymous” fished the Umkomaas River at Mapstones farm with Craig “the Troll” Gartrell catching the biggest Yellow of about 45cm.
That’s it until next time.

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